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 1 Purpose


1   Use of Land owned by the City:

(a) The land will be offered for use to the adjacent land owner. The land will be for vegetables, grass or grain crops. To ensure soil stability adjacent to the main drainage channel, the adjacent user will be responsible for seeding and other improvements and general maintenance of the leased lands.

(b) When plowing is required to improve the yield from the soil, one-month’s notification will be given to the City’s Superintendent of Dyking, Drainage and Irrigation. Due to soil instability, No animals will be allowed to graze along the Sumas Drainage Channel.

(c) If the adjacent land owner does not wish to maintain the right-of-way, as prescribed in paragraph (a)above, the land will be offered to the general public for the same use, under the same conditions.

(d) Delineation of the right-of-way boundary from the adjacent land will be completed and maintained by the City by erecting large diameter posts (at least 0.2 m or 8") at property lines adjacent and intersecting with the channel right-of-way.

(e) No plowing turnaround within 20 metres of the top (crest) of the channel slope will be allowed onto the adjacent land.

(f) The City reserves the right to, at any time, enter onto City-owned properties for the purposes of construction, maintenance or repair of the lands or channel at no compensation to the user.