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 1 Purpose
 2 Authority
 3 Procedure


1   To outline the procedure for constructing, enlarging or extending services as a local improvement.


2   Community Charter, District of Matsqui Bylaw No. 910 and City of Abbotsford, Local Improvement Charges Bylaw No. 473-97


3   (1) Services may be constructed, enlarged or extended by Local Improvement Bylaw by petition or Council initiative.

(2) Property owners may petition for works of local improvement, which must be filed with the City Clerk, who will determine its sufficiency and prepare a certificate.

(3) Before a construction bylaw is prepared by the City Clerk, Engineering and Regional Utilities will review requests for service and prepare a report advising Council, if the request for works qualifies under the Local Improvement Policy, and stating:

(a) the lifetime of the work;

(b) the estimated cost of the work; and

(c) the share or proportion of the total cost which will be specially charged against the parcels benefiting from or abutting on the work.

(4) The City Clerk will prepare a bylaw, which may be adopted for two or more works if undertaken and provided at the same time and by the same method and for the same properties. All the works shall be considered as one work.

(5) Every construction bylaw shall incorporate the conclusions and recommendations of the Engineering and Regional Utilities report applicable to the proposed work and sufficient to enable the Collector, or other person named by the Council, to prepare a frontage tax assessment roll for the work.

(6) Where Council proceeds on the initiative plan, City Clerk will give notice of intention to undertake the work pursuant to the Community Charter

ADOPTED on , LAST REVISED 01 24, 2009