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Bylaw No. 1410-2004

Waterworks Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw, 2005

 1 Citation
 2 Appropriation
 3 Unexpended sums

The Council of the City of Abbotsford, in open meeting assembled, ENACTS AS FOLLOWS:


1   Bylaw No. 1410-2004 may be cited as "Waterworks Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw, 2005".


2   The sum of $3,773,000 is appropriated from the Waterworks Reserve Fund to be expended for waterworks capital expenditures.

Unexpended sums

3   Should any of the above appropriated amount remain unexpended after the expenditures authorized have been made, any unexpended balance shall be returned to the credit of the Reserve Fund.

READ A FIRST TIME on December 13, 2004 READ A SECOND TIME on December 13, 2004 READ A THIRD TIME on December 13, 2004 ADOPTED on December 20, 2004