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Bylaw No. 153-96

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Warning Sign Bylaw, 1996 (Consolidated)

Consolidated and printed by authority of the Corporate Officer under section 139 of the Community Charter. Includes amendment bylaws 3063-2020 . Last amended August 31, 2020

 1 Citation
 2 Interpretation
 3 Signs to be posted
 4 Sign specification
 5 Offence and penalties
 6 Repeals bylaw

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 692 of the Municipal Act, Council may, by Bylaw, subject to the Health Act, regulate persons, their premises, and their activities to further the care, protection, promotion, and preservation of the health of the inhabitants of the City;

AND WHEREAS Council recognizes the dangers of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects;

AND WHEREAS education and information have proven to be efficient ways to reduce the incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome;

AND WHEREAS Council wishes to place suitable warning signs where alcohol is consumed or sold;

NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the City of Abbotsford, in open meeting assembled, ENACTS AS FOLLOWS:


1   Bylaw No. 153-96 may be cited as "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Warning Sign Bylaw, 1996".


2   In this Bylaw, unless the context otherwise requires:

"Licenced Establishment" means any establishment licenced under the provisions of the Liquor Control and Licencing Act, and includes restaurants;

"Proprietor" means the person who ultimately controls, governs, or directs the activities carried on within the kinds of premises referred to in this Bylaw, and includes the person actually in charge thereof.

Signs to be posted

3   Proprietors shall ensure that:

(1) for every licenced establishment which is permitted to sell alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption, there shall be at least one Fetal Alcohol Syndrome warning sign, located so it is clearly visible from all locations where the sale or dispensing of alcoholic beverages takes place; and

(2) for every licenced establishment which permits the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises, there shall be one Fetal Alcohol Syndrome warning sign conspicuously displayed in each public washroom located within the premises.

Sign specification

4   Signs warning of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome shall meet the following minimum requirements:

(1) Each sign required hereunder shall have a minimum dimension of 15 cm x 12.5 cm;

(2) Lettering on the sign shall be in bold print, blue on a white background, and shall be a minimum of 1 cm in height.

(3) The wording on the sign shall be as follows:

"We care about you and your children...





Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

is completely avoidable."

Offence and penalties

5   [Repealed, B/L 3063-2020.]

Repeals bylaw

6   District of Matsqui Bylaw No. 3816, cited as "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Warning Sign Bylaw, 1994", is hereby repealed.

READ A FIRST TIME on September 9, 1996 READ A SECOND TIME on September 9, 1996 READ A THIRD TIME on September 9, 1996 APPROVED BY THE MINISTER OF HEALTH on January 17, 1997 ADOPTED on January 27, 1997