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Public Art Policy

 1 Purpose of this policy
 2 Authority
 3 Project identification
 4 Selection methods for artists & art works
 5 Selection review panel
 6 Project documentation & registration
 7 Civic projects
 8 Private sector projects
 9 Community projects
 10 Public art reserve
 11 Collection management
 12 De-accessioning public art

Purpose of this policy

1   To promote and facilitate the integration of public art throughout Abbotsford which expresses the ideas of Artists and the community.


2   Council

Project identification

3   Projects appropriate for consideration as public art to be associated with new projects or facilities should:

(a) demonstrate a high degree of prominence, public use and/or public realm impact;

(b) demonstrate that the inclusion of public art is a core consideration of the project with which it will be associated,

(c) describe how the addition of public art would help to achieve or enhance other City values and objectives, such as beautification, liveability, multiculturalism, cultural or environmental interpretations, social wellness, safety, or heritage enhancement;

(d) provide opportunity for meaningful participation with a segment or segments of the community; and

(e) complement existing public art works or public amenities in the local area, or

(f) fulfil a need identified by the community.

Selection methods for artists & art works

4   Acquisition of art works, and the selection and commissioning of artists and artists' proposals, including gifts of art works, may be made in consultation with a selection panel.

Selection review panel

5   City staff will act as a resource to selection panels, providing an analysis of materials, construction, scale, costs, durability, public access, and safety, as they relate to the ability of the City to maintain and/or accommodate the proposed art works.

Project documentation & registration

6   All projects may be fully documented, including artist, media, methods of construction and installation, images, etc., along with project maintenance details which will be archived.

Civic projects

7   Ideally, public art should be incorporated at the planning stages in the development of new facilities so that it may be a core component of the project. To enrich such projects, collaboration between City staff, Artists, engineers, design professionals, and the community is encouraged.

Private sector projects

8   (1) The City encourages private donations of resources to support public art development in the community.

(2) The private sector is encouraged to participate voluntarily in the development of public art in conjunction with new construction proposals. Development Permit timelines may be modified to allow for participation by developers.

Community projects

9   (1) Opportunities may arise for Artists and the public to express their individual and collective ideas through Public Art as a means to support the arts, build community responsibility, enhance local character, and strengthen Abbotsford's identity.

(2) Community process is evaluated by the level and diversity of community participation, as demonstrated by donated funds, materials, and services. Artistic merit is evaluated by the quality of production, project innovation, relevance to site, and significance to the community.

Public art reserve

10   (1) A fund, authorized bylaw, will enable contributions by the City and other sources for the implementation of the public art program.

(2) Commencing in 2011, the City will contribute 1% per year towards public art on all new capital facilities projects, with a contribution cap of $300,000 per project.

(3) Any contribution directed for public art at a capital facility project will be applied to that specific project and will not be used elsewhere.

Collection management

11   The public art collection is managed according to appropriate professional inventory and documentation practices.

De-accessioning public art

12   The City will provide a clear method for determining whether a public art work should be removed.

ADOPTED on February 7, 2011 LAST REVISED on ,